Counselling Fees

Fees are based on the recommended fee schedule published by the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta. There is no GST charged for one-on-one psychological services.

Our fees vary based on the specific counsellor you are meeting with.

Individual, couple & family fees

  • Nathan Cobb, Ph.D. in MFT, RMFT, R.Psych $220/hr

    For individuals, couples and families

  • Erla Christens, MA, R.Psych $200/hr

    For individuals, couples and families
    *First Sessions with Erla Christens are 90 MInutes long

  • Russ Millington, MA, R.Psych $200/hr

    For individuals, couples and families

  • Hadley Mitchell, MC, Registered Provisional Psychologist $200/hr

    For individuals, couples and families

  • Cam Burbank, M.C., Registered Provisional Psychologist $200/hr

    For individuals, couples and families

If you have an extended health insurance plan, it may cover the cost of the services you receive, either in part or in whole. We encourage you to check your specific plan for coverage details. Psychological services are usually listed within the same benefits coverage as chiropractors, massage therapists, etc.

We can direct bill to 11 major insurers in Alberta. Please check with our front desk staff to see if your provider is on our list. The major benefit of direct billing is that it reduces your out-of-pocket expenses. At this time, we cannot direct bill to ManuLife and SunLife. If we cannot direct bill for you, we can still provide a receipt that you can submit for reimbursement from your plan. For direct billing purposes, some insurance companies require that you pay up front, but we submit the reimbursement claim for you on your behalf (eliminates the hassle of submitting your own claim).

While our experience has been that most insurance policies cover the services of a registered provisional psychologist, occasionally some plans and policies have stipulated that services provided by registered provisional psychologists are not eligible for reimbursement. As such, if you are planning to submit your receipts for reimbursement to your insurer, and the therapist you’ll be working with is a registered provisional psychologist, we strongly encourage you to contact your insurer ahead of time, before your first session, to confirm that your specific plan covers the services of a registered provisional psychologist.
Payment occurs at the end of each session. For in-person sessions, payment options include cash, debit, credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express), or e-transfer. For video or telephone sessions, payment options include credit card or e-transfer. For online or telephone sessions we ask that a valid credit card be kept on file, even if your preferred method of payment is by e-transfer (in which case the credit card is only charged if we do not receive payment by e-transfer). We do not accept personal cheques.

If you cannot attend an appointment, please notify our office 24 hours in advance. This allows us enough time to fill the vacant appointment slot, thereby meeting the needs of other clients who are waiting for an appointment. A fee of 50% of the hourly rate to a minimum of $100 per one-hour appointment slot, will be charged for a late cancellation or no-show. 

While we do not have a sliding fee scale, we do not wish for anyone to be denied services due to financial hardship. On a limited basis, therefore, and by special request, we are willing to reduce our fees, within reason, for highly motivated individuals and families with limited financial resources on a case-by-case basis.

Workshops & Seminars


Please note that the cost of a 2-3 hour workshop is the same because both require that a half-day be booked off in the clinician’s schedule.

Community Groups & Churches