frequently asked questions

Below you will find answers to common questions that are asked when considering couples counselling. If you have further questions, please get in touch with us.

Our fees range from $200 to $240 per 50-minute hour, depending on the therapist you meet with.

While quite a number of our clients attend couples therapy sessions together with their spouse, it is not uncommon for one spouse to be reluctant to enter counselling. Fortunately, one person can still make a difference in the relationship. One of the most effective mindsets to bring with you into counselling is a firm commitment to the principle that the only person whose responses and attitudes you can directly change is you, and that the changes you make in how you think about and relate to your partner can have a significant positive impact on your relationship. We can help you explore ways to modify how you interact with your spouse, whether that means identifying and asking for what you want more clearly, communicating your feelings and needs with less criticism and a softer approach, tuning in more to the feelings and needs that your spouse might be having, building goodwill and connection with your spouse, etc.. Sometimes the positive changes your spouse sees you making can inspire him or her to join you in making things better, even joining you in counselling.
Most extended health insurance plans cover the services of a registered psychologist or registered provisional psychologist. Usually, you can find your annual coverage for psychological services in the section of your policy that also lists chiropractors, physiotherapists, and massage therapists.
In our experience, most insurance policies do cover the services of a registered provisional psychologist. However, some plans and policies have stipulated that services provided by registered provisional psychologists are not eligible for reimbursement. As such, if your appointment is with one of our registered provisional psychologists and you are planning to submit your receipts for reimbursement to your insurer, we strongly encourage you to contact your insurer ahead of time, before your first session, to confirm that your specific plan covers the services of a registered provisional psychologist. In addition, some plans do cover said services but require direct billing to be done by mailed in forms, rather than using the insurer’s online portal. If so, we may require an additional authorization form for you to complete.

A Registered Provisional Psychologist has completed all coursework and has graduated with the required academic credentials to provide services to the public under the supervision of a fully registered and experienced psychologist. A Registered Provisional Psychologist is required to complete a fixed number of service-provision hours and a number of professional exams to become registered without provision.

The number of sessions you might need varies based on a number of factors including how distressed your relationship is and the number and complexity of issues to address. If you already have a strong relationship in many areas and need a tune-up in one or two areas, 3-6 sessions might be sufficient. On the other hand, if your relationship is much more distressed and you have complex issues, you may need up to 20+ sessions or several months of weekly or bi-weekly sessions.
Most sessions are 50 minutes in length, though some of our therapists prefer an initial session to be 80 minutes. If you and your therapist both feel it would be helpful, subsequent sessions can be longer, but booking them must be done by calling our office directly or by booking longer sessions directly with your therapist at the end of your visit. In other words, longer sessions cannot be booked using our online appointment calendar, which lists only 50-minute therapy sessions.

Certainly. We offer a free 15-minute consultation with the therapist before the initial session to help you determine if there is a good fit with your chosen or assigned therapist. The consultation is an opportunity for you to ask a number of questions of the therapist to help you get a sense of the way they work, their expertise and experience with the issues you are facing, and their personal style. Click here for a sample list of questions that you could ask a therapist in that 15-minute free consultation.

If it is necessary to cancel or change your appointment we ask that you provide our office with 24 hours notice. This should be a business-day 24 hours, meaning a weekend isn’t included. If you need to change an appointment on a Monday morning, for example, we ask that you contact us by the previous Friday morning at the latest. This provides us with sufficient time to schedule another client, either from our wait list or new caller, into the cancelled slot. We charge a fee of 50% of the hourly rate, to a minimum of $100, for a late cancelled or missed appointment.