Questions to ask your therapist

Questions to ask your therapist

We offer potential new clients a free 15-minute consult to share your objectives for therapy and to ask a number of questions about the therapist's training, experience, style & approach.

Choosing a therapist is such a personal matter. While most therapists are skilled at their work and are good at what they do, not every therapist will be a right fit for you. It is important to the success of therapy that you feel comfortable with the professional that you hire, which means doing your research on the front end. This can save you time and resources in the long run.

A list of questions you could ask in a 15-minute consultation

There are many other questions you could consider asking. Essentially, any question that you feel would help you build trust and confidence in the therapist is fair to ask about. Your therapist can decide how to respond and his or her responses can help you discern whether you feel comfortable working with the therapist.

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